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From a decade and a half long professional journey in the fiery circles of a Fortune 500 company, to a consultancy that caters to SMEs and large multinationals alike, I have been behind some big boardroom doors, helping organizations achieve more from their negotiations for over 15 years. Now I am placing my skills of contracting, negotiating, compliance management and leadership training precisely at your disposal.

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Conclude deals and lead projects faster, more transparently, and cost-effectively with expert negotiation and contracting support. With a wealth of experience in the international corporate environment, I ensure that your transactions and decisions are compliant and commercially sustainable. 

I understand the business challenges in the commercial environment and provide balanced solutions that drive your success – I am your 12th player (or 6th if you prefer basketball).

Who better to introduce me than my clients, so one of them, currently a Program Manager at Amazon, recently wrote to me:

“Vlatka, I like the professionalism of your approach to management consulting, as well as the extremely interesting way of 1:1 coaching in the field of leadership and negotiations.

At no point did you lose sight of me as a client, but also of my working environment in which I will apply the newly acquired knowledge. The added value was the establishment of a professional, but pleasant and, above all, empathetic relationship that will keep me coming back.”



To receive the best possible service, I determine what you or your organization needs through a detailed analysis.