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Vlatka Jukić is a law and compliance professional, with a particular passion for creating bonds and profit through negotiation.

Vlatka added to her Masters in Law with a specialist education in risk management from the prestigious Institute for Risk Management, in order to provide her clients with a complete service – strategic legal and business support. Her Master’s Thesis in Constitutional Law, whose mentor was one of the authors of the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia, Professor Smiljko Sokol, instilled in her a deep understanding of the interplay between legislation and context – an insight that shaped her comprehensive approach to work, which she passes on to her clients today and which she built while across the negotiating table from some of today’s most impactful companies, such as Huawei and Novartis. Taking her experiences to a global Fortune 500 company, Vlatka found herself orchestrating complex development and commercial projects, with her negotiation skills becoming a true reflection of Warren Buffet’s famous words: “We don’t get what we deserve, but what we negotiate.”

Driven by an unyielding desire to contribute to diverse projects, she opened up to the world of business consultancy. Here, her expertise became a guiding light for individuals and companies alike. Her mission was clear: to empower others to negotiate purposefully, ensuring they receive what they truly deserve.

Specialized in areas of commercial law, with emphasis on logistics and forwarding, and the FMCG sector, as well as civil law, Vlatka excels in profitable negotiations and advises on how to conduct them. She is an expert in the field of compliance and management, as well as consulting on plans related to transformations in business.

A special area of ​​Vlatka’s interest is change management, creation of business plans and leadership management, with which she helps her clients in the organization and improvement of processes and the overall day-to-day business. For four years, Vlatka served as a Member of the Management Board of the Croatian branch of the global logistics giant, Kuehne+Nagel. In addition to Croatian, she actively speaks English and Slovenian, and is also a court interpreter for English.

In a world where negotiations shape destinies and carve paths to success, expertise, empathy, and strategic negotiation can create a mosaic of meaningful change.

Vlatka Jukić - Prolex Consulting Due diligence

Due diligence

I offer due diligence consulting, i.e. creating an in-depth analysis of processes and content, in order to offer the client a complete insight into the issue, as well as quick concrete solutions for urgent problems. By using the Eisenhower matrix in the conversation with the client, we both become aware of two types of problems – urgent and important, and then we put them in the correlation of urgency (major/minor) and importance (major/minor). This gives us a diagram with the help of which highly or less important decisions are made, immediately or later, independently or by delegating to someone else. In a very clear and graphic way, the diagram shows us which topics or issues should be reviewed and solved in the future.

After such an analysis, foundations exist for creating a plan and budget in time-defined phases of solving the problem, which plan the client confirms after it is entirely agreed. Thus, all parties are involved in the process of creating, conducting, and monitoring the in-depth analysis, with complete insight into all phases, as well as the results of their implementation.

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Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is carried out if the organization or individual is not immediately ready for change or simply wants to assess exposure.

In this case, a risk register is drawn up, and ultimately a transformation plan for the future, or an adaptation plan, and new acts can be devised that provide impetus for upcoming changes.

A powerful tool here to understand and optimize your organization’s Risk profile is the Risk and Control Matrix (RACM). The success or failure of a business can be directly linked to whether the organization truly understands and manages its risk exposure. Therefore, it is essential to have a holistic understanding of an organization’s risk environment to provide Management with the information necessary to make sound and informed business decisions. Put simply, a RACM serves as a snapshot of an organization’s risk profile, measuring the organization’s risks against the formalized actions taken to prevent negative events from occurring.

Vlatka Jukić - Prolex Consulting In-company workshop

In-company workshop

For clients who are facing challenges and do not need an in-depth analysis or risk analysis, I suggest conducting an in-company workshopSuch a workshop is organized for leaders and managers who want to align their work with legislative and compliance frameworks or refresh their management knowledge. In such cases, I provide in-house training services on a specific topic.

After that, the “home” team is ready to conduct the workshop according to my instructions, with or without my presence (according to the client’s wishes). An excellent tool with which I recommend starting this type of workshop is a case analysis or SWOT analysis, which provides a very clear, schematic view of all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of/to a company or department.